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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm in pictures!

Check out photos from the Team Canada Knitting Olympics Closing Ceremonies over here!


Monday, February 27, 2006


Okay, so, Team Canada's closing ceremonies in Toronto? MUCH fun!
I'm a silly enough girl to have felt like I was in a room full of celebreties ;P So many women whose blogs I've read and been inspired by.... crazy.
And so many awe inspiring finished olympic projects! Wow! *faints*

I'm already looking forward to the next Olympics, and thinking about what might be a challenge for me when the time comes! (I've grown quite a lot as a knitter in my first year and a bit... will I keep progressing in leaps and bounds? Maybe I'll continue to put of/avoid colourwork until the next olympics... seems like a good excuse to keep avoiding it ;P )

Now that I'm sitting in class, wearing my pretty purple shawl... I think I'm definitely a shawl person. Wasn't 100% sure - had never owned one, really. But I like it. It's cozy. I made a serious hardcore cozy scarf for the walk to school - all bunched up about my neck. And now it makes me feel comfy and cozy in class :) Definitely more shawls in my future...

Also, met someone at the closing ceremonies in a very cute lil' poncho/capelet thing... and you know, I think I might actually not mind one of those. Will have to maybe revisit some previously cast aside patterns... she looked quite cozy and cute in it :)

So, Knitting Olympics over... what next? Well, at the closing ceremonies, I made some good progress on the back panel of the sweater for my dad... I also have the yarn for the wrap I'm making Amanda... and I'm seriously itchin' to try my hand at socks...

Stay tuned!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Maggie wins the gold!

Here it is, my completed shawl! *cheers*

Edging done!
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taken right after I finished several hours or painstaking crochet edging work! (I pretty much was teaching myself crochet for this one... I had only ever done a simple chain to use as a tie before... now I've mastered the double chrochet stitch, and have made a pretty scallopy edging!)

Close up of edging
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This is before blocking..can't quite see the nice effect of the double chrochet stitch edge on the "flat" side.. but look and the bumpy triangle side! yay bumps!

Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Pinned out on a bed in my brother's room... I finally see the wonders of blocking for myself! (I've blocked sweaters before.. but the benifits were never quite as noticeable as with this shawl!)
Can I say, I LOVE the colour... great, great yarn!

Back view
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How pretty is that? The most pretty. I'm really happy with everything about this shawl - the colour, the size.. fantastic!
And I actually have a good chunk of yarn left..trying to think of something fun to do with that...

Go, Canada, Go!
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All done and blocked! (okay, ends still need to be weaved in - will be done on the bus on my way to Toronto to celebrate the closing ceremonies in style!)

Saturday, February 25, 2006


well, i've been crocheting like a mad woman all the live long day, and the edging is finally DONE! my fing tips hurt like a mofo... but it's DONE! and it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself :) It's my first crochet edging, and I rather like the effect...

Anyhow, it's soaking right now.. so I'm off to go finish blocking it..and then eat.. haven't eaten since breakfast! gyah..

pictures later....

Friday, February 24, 2006

Olympic update!

Well, I've been on Reading Week break this week, and as such haven't been doing much on the computer (been avidly avoiding all things school related..), but I have been knitting! (pretty much that's all I do: sleep, eat, watch movies/TV, knit. It's been a delightful week!)

So here's an update from last weekend....

Halfway there!
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I got to the end of the first ball pretty much Feb 17th, which was my goal - second half of the shawl would take a bit longer, and then there's the edging... but the second week of the Olympics was reading week, so more time to knit!

And now this weekend is looking like this...

Knitting: done!
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2amish, Feb 24th, I bound-off! The knitting portion of my challenge is done! Still have to do the edging, which I'm a bit nervous about... but I have all weekend to tackle that! With any luck, I'll be wearing my beautiful shawl at the closing ceremonies pub in Toronto!

I've got some errands to run today.. need to pick up something for my secret pal, participate in a headache study, get some stuff from Shoppers, write a couple online quizzes (hey, been avoiding school almost all week... time to accept that I am actually still a student and will be back at it on Monday...).. but at the very least I'm going to do the edging on the long edge of the shawl today! I've bookmarked a bunch of clear tutorials on how to do the various crochet stitches the pattern is calling for... now it's time for the real challenge part of this project! (besides sticking to the same wip for so many consecutive days of knitting!! I'm itchin' to work on something different...)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dedicated athlete

Dedicated athlete
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Monday morning, 4 hours of lectures - aka, 4 hours of knitting!

This was taken between classes that morning - people have pretty much gotten used to me knitting in class by this point! But the jersey adds a whole new level of blatant obsession ;)

Monday was funny t-shirt day, and a lot of people thought my jersey was a part of that :P But it's Wednesday now, and I'm still wearing it... some people have started taking me seriously and believe the knitting olympics to be a real thing :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic progress! (aka Watch it Grow!)

Well, it's been a busy week chuck-a-full of studying my brains out... and it's only Tuesday! *faints*
However, as I pretty much need to knit in class to keep awake (and I pay better attention awake and knitting as opposed to asleep and drooling on my notes ;P) I am making some olympic progress!!

End of saturday..
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First day of real progress! (only a few rows were done the night of the opening ceremonies...)
Took a bit to get used to the boucle wool - had to get a couple inches in before I could easily tell my RS from my WS ;P And I *may* have forgotten the increase on a row or two... but yay for boucle yarn making it darn tootin' hard for me to see the stitches! ;)

End of Sunday
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Not a whole bunch of progress - was a day full of studying and hockey games and frisbee games...
But some progress WAS made! Maybe if I was a bit more consistent with my orientation of the WIP for the pictures... ah well ;)

Monday - going strong!
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Monday night's progress shot - I'm feeling really good about this! I'm hoping to hit the midway point this weekend (where I do a bunch of rows without any increases before the decreases begin). So far so good!

The library is about to close, so stay tuned for photographic proof of my olympic dedication..(and they all thought I was wearing the jersey for funny t-shirt day...;P)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pre-games work, and first day cast on!

Few days ago I wound the yarn into nice convenient centre pull balls, gathered all my supplies, and found an appropriately red & white bag to carry it all in.

Later, I rewound the yarn so that the balls were nice and squishy and the yarn wasn't getting too stressed out.

My team canada jersey arrived Friday, and I put it on right away when I got home. How spiffy is it? The most spiffy!

Once 2pm rolled around, I sat myself down and cast on for my Olympic knitting challenge. The afternoon sun behind me makes my work hard to see.. but there wasn't much to see at this point anyhow ;)

I worked on my Olympic Knitting for a little while, but then I had to put the knitting down and start getting ready for the OVC Winter Gala.. next year maybe I'll wear this shawl with this dress :)

Once I got all my prep work done - hair, makeup, getting the dress on... I had some time to wait, as my date was running late. So I sat myself down, with my jersey nearby for inspiration, and continued with my Olympic Knitting! Things are going well so far!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Knitting Olympics!

Well, I love the Olympics. I love knitting. I love fun challenges, and any excuse for a new shirt!

So, I've signed on for Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics, and am a (eventually) jersey wearing member of Team Canada!!


My project? A shawl. Specifically the shawl I recieved yarn and pattern for from my Secret Pal last fall. The gorgeously purpley yarn has been sitting in my project corner, taunting me, for what feels like forever... but I have yet to actually hunker down, wind it, and begin... so this seemed like a perfect opportunity!
The challenge will be that it is a fine yarn, and so it's a very repetitive and seemingly slow progress kind of job... which is something I sometimes love, sometimes hate, and usually can't finish all in one go without taking a break (took an almost 2 month break on "Lucky" from SNBN !) because I'm easily distractable. Since I have a couple sweater projects on the go as well, it really will be a challenge to focus on this one thing for 16 days! But, I'm confident I can finish it in 16 days if I put my mind to it :)
(Convieniently, I had my Reading week during the Olympics - lots of knitting time! :D )

Here's the yarn:

Yummy yarn!, originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

delightful 100% wool, hand painted in Prince George, BC.

Planning to wind the yarn into 2 convienient balls and pack up all the necessary supplies in an appropriately red & white bag over this weekend... then try my patience waiting for the 10th to roll around!
(too bad I can't actually go to the Team Canada opening ceremonies pub in Toronto... or even watch the opening ceremonies at home! I already have my ticket to the OVC Winter Gala, which is also Feb 10th! But you know the first thing I'm doing when I get home is casting on! woo!)