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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic progress! (aka Watch it Grow!)

Well, it's been a busy week chuck-a-full of studying my brains out... and it's only Tuesday! *faints*
However, as I pretty much need to knit in class to keep awake (and I pay better attention awake and knitting as opposed to asleep and drooling on my notes ;P) I am making some olympic progress!!

End of saturday..
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First day of real progress! (only a few rows were done the night of the opening ceremonies...)
Took a bit to get used to the boucle wool - had to get a couple inches in before I could easily tell my RS from my WS ;P And I *may* have forgotten the increase on a row or two... but yay for boucle yarn making it darn tootin' hard for me to see the stitches! ;)

End of Sunday
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Not a whole bunch of progress - was a day full of studying and hockey games and frisbee games...
But some progress WAS made! Maybe if I was a bit more consistent with my orientation of the WIP for the pictures... ah well ;)

Monday - going strong!
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Monday night's progress shot - I'm feeling really good about this! I'm hoping to hit the midway point this weekend (where I do a bunch of rows without any increases before the decreases begin). So far so good!

The library is about to close, so stay tuned for photographic proof of my olympic dedication..(and they all thought I was wearing the jersey for funny t-shirt day...;P)


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