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Saturday, March 04, 2006

My lovely Alpaca Mittens!

Well, taking a little break from studying Histology to upload some pre-olympics finished objects. First up: MITTENS! *love*

Pattern: CJ's Fingerless Gloves with Detachable Mitten Top (sent to me via email by a Secret Pal)
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca, sport weight, colours 53 & 50 (also sent to me by my wonderful secret pal)
Other: 3.25mm DPNs, adorable penguin buttons I had in my collection just waiting for the perfect project...
Cast on: Jan 2/06
Cast off: Jan 12/06

New techniques learned: Kitchener Stitch. And I kind of love it! Mmm... nice tidy mitten tops!
This was also my first foray into gloves and their many fingers... not so bad! A little fiddly with the seemingly way to much needle for so little a tube... but I got the hang of it :) The hardest part was figuring out the picking up stitches and where to attach the yarn for each new finger.. I think I did okay, though.

Changes to pattern: Well, I misread part of it for the mitten top first time through... oops. Missed a bunch of rows. So I accidently made the mitten top shorter then intended :P (I purposefully repeated the mistake for the second mitten top, so at least they match!)
The original pattern calls for 3 buttons, and making button holes. My first try at the button holes did not leave me with any holes... turns out I am unable to do a YO properly when knitting in the round... something I'm going to have to work on...
However, I didn't really care, since I didn't have enough penguin buttons for 3 buttons each mitten. Also, I didn't ever intend to actually remove the mitten top - might lose it that way! So I stitched the mitten top in place, and added the penguins for just decoration.

What I would do differently if I made them again: Read the pattern more carefully for the mitten tops ;) And I'd make the thumbs complete... while tucking the thumb into the mitten top does keep it toasty, I can't do that when I need to hold something, and my thumbs get mighty cold outside the mitten top!!

I absolutely adore alpaca yarn, and am in love with these mittens. I've worn them just about everyday since I finished them! They permenantly reside in my winter coat pockets :) They wear well, and I think they've managed to get softer!! *love* They've stretched a bit, and fit more losely, which makes for easier on-and-off taking and has not impacted the warmth giving at all. Even with a several rows shorter mitten top, my fingers stay nice and toasty!

Anyhow, enough of my babble.. pictures!

KSSP Mittens
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

The mittens with top up.

KSSP Mittens
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

The mittens with tops down.

KSSP Mittens
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Top down on the hand.

KSSP Mittens
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Top up on the hand.

KSSP Mittens
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Keeping the thumb warm as well!

KSSP Mittens
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Holy flash glare, batman. But, YAY MITTENS! :)


  • At 7:16 PM, Blogger Bethro said…

    What great mittens. I love the color combo and the dark color on top and bottom.

    Hubby just asked "are they mittens for alpacas?

  • At 9:45 PM, Blogger Nadia said…

    I'm working with alpaca too right now and all I want to do is get more for mitts! Great minds and all that, huh?

  • At 7:47 PM, Blogger Erin said…

    awesome mitts! I want a pair! (but fingers on gloves are so tricky!)


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