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Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm not dead!

You know, I'm not even sure how it happened that I went so long without updating.. I would think of it, but then I'd be like "Oh, I should include a picture with that", and I have like 50 million pictures on my camera waiting to be uploaded, and I couldn't seem to wrpa my head around just dealing with the important ones, and dealing with ALL of them was to big a task, so I'd put it off... and next thing you know, It's July 1st :P

Happy Canada Day :)

Anyhow, I ended up ripping back the neck shaping on my dad's sweater TWICE. On the plus side, I now am much more comfortable with ripping back my work to a certain point and redoing it... um.. yay?
The sweater is FINALLY done being knit. Now I just need to block it, and seam it (ew) and weave in ends (double ew). Thank goodness it is FAR to hot for my dad to even THINK about this sweater that was promised him 7 months ago... (I finished the knitting on Father's Day..considered arranging the pieces for a convincing photo of a finished object, but I was house sitting, didn't have my camera or net access, and was far to lazy to go home just to pretend to be actually done the sweater..)

Oh, and there's no pictures of any of this right now, because I'm at work and don't have any pictures with me here. I'm house sitting again, so who knows when I'll get on that :P

In other news.. I knit a baby sweater. In a week. I need to know more people with babies, because that was exceedingly satisfying. Especially after the never ending ribbing of hell that was my dad's sweater... I still got the thrill of a finished sweater, but in a small fraction of the time! sweet! (and it was for someone who is currently pregnant, not some crazy who wanted to sweater their baby up in July..)

Also on the needles right now is a delightful pink lace scarf made of an alpaca angora blend sent to me by a secret pal. I LOVE it. And after mucking up and ripping back too many times to admit without tearing up, I also love lifelines. A lot. A lot a lot. I'm about 20cm into it now, and the mistakes seem to be mostly done with and progress that makes me feel like it was 2 hours well spent is being made. (I was a bit discouraged the one time I worked on it for 2 hours and in the end was only really as far along as I had been before I began...)

Another thing in the works is a woven shawl. The amount of ends I'll have to deal with when it's all done makes me queasy, but I love the look and feel of it... It's silk and it's cashmere and it's so full of colours...mmmmm.

Finally, as of last night, I have finally taken the plunge and started my first ever sock. *excitement*. So far so good - I'm almost at the heel, and I can put on the progress so far and it fits nicely about my ankle.

Oh, and I finished a sweater for a friend - another much belated christmas present (also birthday - she's a december baby). That one was a quickish knit (Blackberry from Knitty. Yes, I am far too lazy to do any linking right now..), but I waited until forever (otherwise known as april) to actually start it once she picked the pattern (done in january) and I got the yarn (sometime in february). It was recieved with much joy, even if it is far to warm to wear anytime soon.

Okay, my shift is almost over... I didn't bring any knitting with me today so I'd catch up on emails, but I'm seriosuly craving my sock...mmm....


  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger Nadia said…

    Happy belated Canada Day!

    You sound like me right now -- making a million things, learning a lot, but too busy to post pictures. I can't wait to see all this stuff.

  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Erin said…

    HURRAH! You posted! My nagging is getting us all somewhere!!!! Can't wait for pics.


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