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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Very First Socks!

Hello! Long time no post. I have no good excuse (well, I have lots of excuses, but I won't bother you with them) Point is, I'm back.. and I have socks!

This summer I finally sat down and tried knitting socks. And I love it. Yay!
I started with the pattern, yarn, and needles my secret pal sent me in SP7 in like February.

Pattern: "His n' Her Slouch Socks" from Paton's "Pull up your socks" pattern booklet, made size medium
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Violet (100% Peruvian Wool)
Other: 5mm DPNs, set of 4
Cast on: sock 1: June 30/06; sock 2: July 9/06
Cast off: sock 1: July 2/06; sock 2: July 9/06

New techniques learned: Well, knitting socks! :) I've knit in the round before, and I've made mittens - so the toe part wasn't too new. But the heel was pretty much a completely new experience for me!

Changes to pattern: Nothing on purpose... but it's likely I misunderstood something somewhere and maybe didn't do it exactly right. but I did both socks the same, and they fit and look fine, so no big deal ;)

What I would do differently if I made it again: Maybe make the leg bit a touch longer... I had a good amount of yarn left over, and do enjoy tall socks. But really, I'm quite pleased with these socks!

Of course, July isn't a good time to wear thick wool socks ;) But it's been quite chilly this past month, so they have been worn a couple of times.. on the coldest days.. and they are SO warm and cozy!! They've been washed once now (thrown in the washing machine, cold water, hung to dry) and are very very VERY fuzzy.. and the heel is kind of felted (happened with wearing all day in my boots, before I ever washed them), but they're just that much cozier for it all :)

first sock progress
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

This is how far I got the first night. Very encouraging!

first heel turned!
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Taken shortly after turning my first heel! Yay! That's my favourite part of the sock. And the toe. I like the toe part as well.

unfinished sock
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

My very first sock, fresh off the needles! The hole has grown on me ;) So squishy and and purple! :)

Very First Sock
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

And here is that very first sock, all nicely finished, ends woven in. Love it!

First Socks!
Originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

the completed pair! Yay! They fit very nicely, and are all kinds of warm and comfy!


  • At 6:19 PM, Blogger Nadia said…

    Rockin' socks, Maggie!

    Welcome back!

    (It's so hard to be one of those consistent bloggers, isn't it?)

  • At 9:46 PM, Blogger Ginny said…

    The socks look great. Since I discovered sock knitting that's all I want to do now. Plus, they are sooo comfy!


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